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Still others prefer to use humorous names, such as “Bane of Souls” or “Destroyer. .

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Tauren female called Ursnygg (It means like, Really hot) And tbh, She is :P Post by Anile.

LaughUntilUPee – You’re not only here to kill.

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This characters name (Karisuta) is a language-variation of the name Khalysta or Kalysta - which is a Paladin name I used way back in the pen & paper AD&D days (& back in the Dark Age of Camelot.

They have a very tribal culture which persists to this day, which usually results in scattered allegiances and tribes looking out.

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Troll names - World of Warcraft.


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If you have selected your character as a female, you can generate more names by clicking on the button to get more female names.

Troll Names Collection Here is the collection.

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Xing Tian (Chinese Mythology Origin) meaning "large size troll", for trolls who haunt hilly areas, grasslands and the coasts.


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Tauren female called Ursnygg (It means like, Really hot) And tbh, She is :P Post by Anile.

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Funny druid names.

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"Activision" hunter with "Blizzard" as his pet (I think he was even on the front page around the Diablo Immortal reveal) "JohnCena" Subtlety Rogue.

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Lets hear some of yours! 20.

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